Tuesday, March 11, 2008

the bones collide

it’s always the same way for me
blue turns soft with time
broke remains, an everyday disguise
ending in the same way. . .the same way

Craig thought he might fall over when he saw Kadan standing there at the bar with bottles of lager waiting, already. Yes, he'd heard his voice, but he still didn't believe it. He thought Kadan had his heart set on L.A. at the moment, and there was no changing that.

"What made you decide to come back?" Craig was a little cross. Couldn't Kadan have let him know his plans sooner.

"Happy to see you too, mate." Kadan squinted back. "Whats the deal, Craig? You look a little glum."

"No, its not that. I just thought you would have said something before." Craig stared at him then, trying his best not to be uneasy.

"What? You don't like surprises?" Kadan shrugged handing him a bottle of lager.

"Its just been a hell of a week." Craig sighed. He didn't want to dare mention Chloe. This was just beginning to be a bit uncomfortable. Juggling these two around.

"You, all right, then?" Kadan reached for his shoulder then.

"Yeah." Craig nodded.

"Then come to a concert with me." Kadan smiled. They drank a drink then and a couple of more and talked about Greece and how they should go back. But Kadan said the real thing was here. He wanted to be here with his music not in the states.

"Why did you change your mind?" Craig looked at him at the corner of his eye.

"Are you forgetting, something, mate?"

"I just thought you wanted to take your music places." Craig sighed.

so much for the light show
pissing on while pissing off
sucking in a smokescreen
selling of a loose knit dream

"Got everything I need right here, now don't I?" Kadan touched his neck then. Craig thought they might kiss, but they didn't. "Come along, we might miss the show if we don't get there." So they walked a few blocks down to a hole in the wall place where the ceiling was open. All was left were brick walls. It was a place you could bring your own booze and smoke stagnated the air even in all the openness.

On stage was a band jamming with electric guitars pumping the stage with a light show. The beat cut right through Craig. He could hardly take it. Kadan was feeling the rhythm as he grooved along. He put his arm around Craig and they kissed. It was wild. Everyone was dancing. Craig joined in, sort of. Although, he felt more of the kissing than the dancing as Kadan pressed his tongue on his.

Kadan was like a feral kid enjoying every second of the hard thumping melody of the night. He pulled Craig closer, hanging on to his belt loops. As the sound got faster and deeper, Kadan jumped into the groove and took Craig with him.

It was a rush, and Craig was sure he'd fall over in the crowd and be stomped to death, but Kadan hung on to him. Finally they found their way out of the place and walked toward the park. Craig could hardly catch his breath.

"That's what I've missed, you know." Kadan pulled him along. "Sure, there was lots to offer in L.A., but its all so materialistic. I need to get back to my roots, you know."

Craig nodded as if he understood, but not completely. Didn't Kadan want to make money?

Finally, Kadan dropped himself on a park bench under the streetlights. Craig plopped down too. His eyes hurt from the smoke, and his voice was scratchy.

"Something went wrong," Kadan closed his eyes.

"How do you mean?" Craig wondered what could have possibly gone wrong in L.A.

"I hated it. I hated it so much." Kadan frowned.

"Its all right now. You're home." Craig touched his cheek then and kissed him.

"I know. And you're here. And it'll all be fine, won't it?" Kadan kissed him back.

"Of course." Only Craig knew he could never see Chloe again. Never. Or at least the next week or two.

tell me did the bones collide
the bones collide
the bones collide
little lover’s so polite
so polite
so polite

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