Thursday, March 27, 2008

can't be happening

This was so not what he wanted to hear from Chloe.


It didn't seem feasible in Craig's mind. He walked the streets for a good long while and all he felt was numb. Neither joy nor horror. Just numb. He couldn't even hear himself think.

His throat felt scorched and his ears hurt from this pain of not wanting to listen, perhaps. He didn't know. But he kept walking. Walking in circles around the park until nightfall.

When he got home he couldn't even remember if he'd eaten. Kadan had called him several times, but he hadn't responded. He was physically ill. He staggered to the bathroom and thats where everything came undone. He threw up and passed out on the bathroom floor.

"Jesus Christ, Mary and Joseph!" He awoke to a voice but his eyes shut tight as he lay on the cold tile floor.

"Shite, he drunk son of bitch, ain't he?" Two of his flatmates lifted him up and carried him to his unmade bed. Really, he'd been quite foolish not to give the blokes half a chance in the flat. They were pretty much strangers to him.

"Sorry." He thought he might choke and throw up again, all over himself as they began to undress him. "I can do it myself."

"Yeah, my ass you can, bloody blithering mate." The bloke shook his head. "You're a might pitiful, brother."

"It must be a bug, going around." Craig just wanted to keep his eyes closed and left alone.

"Damn if I'll catch it." Craig looked up at the flatmate, Geoff who looked like a down right hairy with that mug of his. He looked half Greek with the shiny black curls coming around his face.

"Look, thanks, loads, but I'll be fine. Promise." Craig couldn't say much more. His cell went off in his jeans that were on the floor. Geoff went to fetch it for him.

"Thanks." Craig answered it in time.

"Mate, where you been?" It was Kadan. "Supper's gett'n cold."

"Where are you?" He pushed himself up on the pillow.

"Chloe's, where'd you think I'd be?"

"Look, I'm sorry mate. I've come down with something." He bit at his upper lip then.

"You shit'n me?"

"No, you can talk to my flatmate if you don't believe me." He sighed and gave Geoff the phone then.

"Yeah, that's right. Found him passed out on bathroom, nope, looks a little green to me." Geoff smiled looking at Craig. "Always, after me lucky charms..." He then laughed.

Craig made a face then for him to give the cell back.

"Stop, you're laughing. I'm sick. I don't know why. Just am." He would have said more but Geoff was standing there. He remained even lip and hoped Geoff would just leave.

"Let me tuck you in," Geoff laughed.

"I'm fine. Leave, please." He took a breath and crawled deep under the covers. He wasn't sure he was ready to be a father yet.

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Steve Middleton said...

Hi - thanks for your comment on my blog. Interested that you find 'ordinary' life as shown on Hollyoaks so fascinating. You've gotta remember that in the UK space is at a premium, so few people have 'utility rooms' (for washing machines & dryers). Although many homes will have three bedrooms, the third bedroom will usually only be large enough to fit in a single bed (and a narrow one at that)and not many houses will have rooms just for dining in. As you can tell much 'youth' culture revolves around drinking (most will start going into pubs at 14 or 15) - and you might be interested in the whole 'chav' thing - clothes, behaviour, family life. If you can get Channel 4 UK - watch the series 'Shameless' about life on an 'Estate' in Manchester.