Sunday, March 16, 2008

passing the time away

Craig was possibly drained with all the late nights with Kadan. He couldn't remember the last time he ate. As it was he thought Kadan had a steady diet of lager and cigarettes.

Then there was the dope. Craig had partaken a little, but he was sure there was something Kadan was trying to numb out.

"You haven't even gone to see Chloe and the baby as of yet." He hadn't wanted to bring it up, but this was horrible. Why was he staying away?

"I can't," Kadan frowned as if he hated himself as if he might have done the unthinkable. Was it because of Craig?

"You can't just blow them off because of me."

He shook his, head no.

"There's someone else." He lit another rolled cigarette and smoked his troubles away.

"What do you mean? Someone else?" Craig squinted.

"She's seeing someone." He nodded.

"Chloe?" This was heart breaking. Craig reached for the cigarette then. He'd have to have a heavy drag now, facing the consequences perhaps.

"I can tell in her voice. She won't shut up about this John Paul fellow. Who in the hell is he? She hasn't even met him face to face, you know."

"I dunno." Craig held on to the cigarette. "You think she'd go so far to see him. This bloke she's never actually seen?"

"Dunno." Kadan looked at Craig sleepily. His mouth took in Craig's smoke. He then smiled, biting his bottom lip. His hands cradled Craig's neck. He kissed him slowly. Craig was sure the cigarette might burn Kadan in this awkward moment. But Kadan kept his lips on him as he pushed his hand into his jeans and found something to hold on too.

It was to begin again. They couldn't get enough of each other. At least Kadan wasn't thinking that Craig had been with Chloe.

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