Sunday, April 6, 2008

bizarre love triangle

Craig wasn't sure he could handle it. The new information about Chloe and Kadan at the same time. He felt drained.

Craig couldn't possibly face himself in the mirror, and to see them together. Just not possible.

Of course, maybe he was having a bit of morning sickness. Perhaps it had taken the stress off Chloe in some way, and he was doing her a favor. He couldn't really be sure since he really didn't have telepathy.

A part of him wanted to talk her into having an abortion. It would be the right thing to do. He guessed. And yet, he hated the idea, as well. How could he do such a thing? It thrilled him to be a father. To be a part of someone's life. How could he think it?

Thus he went in bouts of fits in his room, sometimes, crying and then to find himself in a laughing rage. He thought he might go mad.

He called his mother. "Mum, I want to come home." There, that was easy enough.

"But, but we have Newt here, where would he go? Its best to not give up, Craigy. You owe yourself an education." What education? This term was a disseaster, between the footballers bullying him and little getaways with Kadan or even with Chloe, he wasn't a real student, just one of life. So far, he wasn't getting an A for effort in it, either.

"I dunno," he cringed at the thought of facing Hollyoaks ever again, but he didn't see how he would manage this with Kadan or Chloe for that matter. It was all turning so ugly and quite scary, in fact. He told his mother that he'd try. He'd do his best.

At the moment, all he could find was a bottle of benedryl. He wondered if that would do him in.