Monday, April 7, 2008


Craig did his best to get himself together. There was no way of getting out of it. He had to face Kadan and Chloe as well. There was no way he could run away.

They'd decided to meet him in the city for brunch at a little place not far from Craig's flat. It was a decent enough morning. The sun out. Spring fresh a new dew. And yet Craig felt cold. Cold as ice walking into this so-called game.

He thought he might pass out when he saw Kadan sitting with Chloe out in the garden. As he came closer, he noticed she'd been crying. And he wasn't sure what he might say. He looked around for baby Caroline. She wasn't there.

"Where's Caroline?" He asked as if that was the right thing to do.

"It just didn't feel right to bring her out," Chloe said brushing a tear with the back of her hand. "I left her with my Aunt."

"She's all right, isn't she?" Craig winced, apologizing for not being their for their dinner. He felt shy now. Not wanting to sit at all, but he knew he had too. "Could I order us some drinks perhaps?" He was nervous too and sometimes, his voice would crack for no reason. He really wanted to shut himself up.

"No, no, we're fine," Kadan showed him a seat. "We've broken up for good, this time, Craig." He remained quite even lipped as Craig sat down.

"Sorry," he looked over Chloe thinking she might be happier, but maybe Kadan knew about the baby.

"I don't mean to be so...emotional." She told him. "I'm quite all right actually. I'll get use to it, you know. Its like has been, you know. Its just we're over." She looked at Craig, and he thought he might melt. Perhaps it was all an act. He wasn't sure how to follow.

"I see." He looked at Kadan then for some sort of clue, but there was none. Kadan was the keeper of secrets, perhaps, but then again, Chloe pretty much had her own as well. "So, so what now?" Craig's smile was bitter and he knew it.

"We'll keep in touch." Kadan nodded. After all, there was baby Caroline to look after. He was still a part of her life.

"I guess we'll all be one happy family, won't we." Truly, Craig thought he never had one of those. Was it possibly the three of them could somehow manage together?


Ivy said...

Just wanted to see how this might work. Easy.

Cate said...

i'm so stupid, when i first read the title of your blog i thought it was about daniel craig. ^^ but now i understood who it's about ^^

Cait said...

I need more craig, you know...

Hossam said...

greetings from EGYPT,
nice to see ut blog
nice topic,but is craig in his real life is gay?
hope be a frinds
c u
i want to know ur opinion on ma new topic
(letter to israelis)